Server & Storage

Do you have a large number of single-use servers and storage devices throughout your IT environment? If so, they are likely consuming more resources than can be justified by their workloads and unnecessarily complicating the management process. By combining the workloads of these under-utilized resources onto fewer, more powerful server and storage devices, consolidation solutions allow you to remove unnecessary points of management and dramatically reduce the number of physical devices throughout your infrastructure.

Pioneer Technologies experts can help assess your existing environment, prioritize resources and develop a detailed consolidation strategy to meet your objectives. Our consolidation solutions help you:

• Simplify your infrastructure – Reduce the number of physical servers that need to be maintained
• Optimize resource utilization – Improve capacity utilization by eliminating under-utilized devices
• Reduce operating costs – Lower space, energy, maintenance and management expenses
• Reduce downtime – Resources are consolidated onto high-availability solutions, minimizing downtime and improving performance

Drawing upon proven best practices, extensive experience, industry-leading products and customer input, Pioneer Technologies designs an ideal solution for your specific business needs.

Virtualization never stays the same for very long. Stay on top of the technology with first class hands-on training. Contact your representative today to learn more.




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