About Us

Pioneer Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is pioneer in providing complete end to end solutions at every stage of your IT requirements. Established in 1994, backed up by well-qualified and experienced team of engineers with adequate infrastructure, Pioneer Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is always there to provide complete IT solutions at every level under one roof.

We have done an excellent job of assembling a portfolio of products & Services that allow customers to improve the performance, scalability and dependability to manage & groom their infrastructure. The challenges for Pioneer include its ability to provide high touch sales and service to a range of global service provider clients and prospects. As the leading vendor going it alone, it is likely that Pioneer will be approached for their Network Management Services & Solutions marketing and will be considered as a potential IT partner for all major organization with complex IT infrastructure.

We compete in the Service & Solutions marketing segment. Its competitors include large infrastructure providers that plan to provide end-to-end solutions. Vendors in this space include all system Integration & Service marketing organizations.

We currently consist some of the best brains of the industry backed by proven track records of the individuals. Our technical team comprises of CCNA's, MCSE's & MCSD's, CNE's and professionals with excellent command and expertise on multi-user & proprietary operating systems.